SPIRE TherMax Eclipse II Cpu Cooler



For the 75W CPU owners, the TherMax Eclipse II – SP984B1-V2 is a great value. No matter if you are overclocker or you just want to have a nice and quiet PC, go for it. During our testing we reached a maximum power of over 170W when the CPU was heavily overclocked at 1,392 V. As the product is declared to be designed to cool the 130 to 150W CPUs made by Intel and AMD, including Intel Core i7 Extreme 130W, we can only recommend it to full range of users, no matter what reason you need the new cooler in your system.

Retail product comes with all you need, installation was quite easy. Other positives are that the cooler looks great, performance was exceptional, it is compatible with all CPU sockets, and to top if all off the price is reasonable,. If you need a new cooler, go for the Spire TherMax Eclipse II – SP984B1-V2. Great cooler, great value, no more, no less.

Unpacking: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMBDSiDTSfY&feature=player_embedded

+ Great performance
+ Bundled accessories
+ Compatible with all CPU sockets
+ Easy to install
+ Black-Nickel coat
+ Solid mounting
+ Good test results with the original fans (even at low rpm)
+ Reasonable price

– Non PWM-controlled fans
– The first DIMM slot can be blocked

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