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Todays review will be about a case, to be more specific it is going to be about Spire�s latest case named Pinifarina that has some functions I have not seen before. Apparently you can fold out both sides and it also seems to have some great cooling features that we are going to look into. This is a steel case so will weight be an issue?

About Spire:

Founded in 1991, Spire is the premier brand for computer thermal solutions. In order to meet the needs of the global market, we have established the production facilities in China, our corporate office in the USA and overseas branches in The Netherlands, U.K., Germany, France, Taiwan, Japan and Brazil. All are strategically located to better work with the customers we serve. The purpose built Spire factory and all of the products were approved by CE, UR, CSA, and TUV in 1998. We have gained AMD and VIA approvals along with recognition by International Standard Commission for Quality Assurance in 1999 against ISO-9002 and ISO-9001. (No.Q16437)

With today”s high-speed processors functioning at an unprecedented speed and output, the demand for better and more reliable cooling solutions has become one of the most important issues in the computer industry today. As a premier manufacturer of high quality cooling solutions, we are able to meet the demands of the computer industry by providing competitively priced products, next day delivery and lifetime warranty.

The reliability of our products has earned the loyalty of many well known manufacturers and distributors throughout the world and we have maintained close business ties with international names in the computer industry.

At Spire we continually strive to improve and develop a wide range of thermal products by investing heavily in our quality manufacturing process and Research & Development. Our objective is to provide top quality products for national distributors as well as for ODM and OEM clients. We are always moving forward with new and innovative thermal solutions.

This year we are continuing the ongoing enhancements of our current production machinery as well as purchasing new equipment in an effort to provide an ever improving product line. One of our latest machines enables us to balance our fan blades with a greater degree of accuracy. By balancing the blades more efficiently, we are able to extend the life of the bearing and reduce the overall noise of the fan. This technique also allows us to increase the speed of fans without increasing the noise.

Our focus is to build on the current success of the Spire brand so that our brand is recognized world wide as a provider of top quality cooling solutions. We will continue to work to maintain the satisfaction of our customers and share the knowledge of our experts to provide our customer’s with ‘The perfect cooling solution’.


3.5 Bays 2 visible ~ 4 hidden
5.5 Bays 3 visible ~ 1 hidden
Bracket slots 7 ~ Incl. 3 PCIE/AGP/PCI Stabilizers
Colors Platinum Silver
Connections IEEE 1394 x 1
Cooling 3x 80x80x25mm fans (rear included, right included, left not included) 1x 120x120x25mm (front included) 1x 120 Fan Duct (left included)
Dimensions 495x200x450mm (L x W x H)
Features Lightweight aluminum & Durable metal frame. Italian Stylish design. Front USB, IEEE1394 & Sound connections. full screen, radiation protected. Side panel access, screw free installation.
Optimized internal space design for Highly-efficient airflow.
Front panel USB 2.0 x 2 | MIC x 1 | Earphone jack x 1 |
G.W. Weight 14.50 K.G
Mainboard Extend ATX / Micro ATX / Mini ATX
Material Aluminum Alloy Bezel & Metal SECC Galvanized Steel Chassis
Material thickness Aluminum 6.0mm | SECC 1.0mm
N.W. Weight 13.50 K.G
Packaging 522x260x517mm (L x W x H)

The product:

Spire Pinifarina Case Review Spire Pinifarina Case Review
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The first thing I noticed with this case was the weight of it. When I carried the box in from the hallway I realized that this case must weight around 10kg or so. When I looked at the specifications I saw 13.50kg which is quite a bit for a midi tower case. It was very well packed though in foam and I saw no damage to the case.

Spire Pinifarina Case Review Spire Pinifarina Case Review
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This is a good looking steel case with nice waves and a perfect black finish On the top front a couple of leds are mounted along with a big power button and a reset button.

By opening the front door you unveil the three 5.25 drive slots and a couple of floppy drive ones. You can also lift the top front and open up so you can use the USB, firewire, and sound ports.

Spire Pinifarina Case Review Spire Pinifarina Case Review
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On both sides of the case there is a handle, and why they are there we will look closer at later on in the review. With the case you do not get a PSU but you do have a spot for a fan in the back to exhaust the hot air out of the product.

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