Speedlink Xeox Pro Analog Gamepad

Steelseries Xeox Back Steelseries Xeox Back
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The back (or front however you want to think about it)has four buttons, LT, RT, LB and RB. You also have a micro USB jack where you can plug in the charging cable. This controller is shaped just like the Xbox 360 controller on the back of it, you can have your fingers perfectly aligned with the molding.



This is a very nice gamepad, I had my preconceived ideas about this product before the review but after some testing I have changed my mind. I only found one flaw with the D-pad which feels a bit flimsy but overall the gamepad is very nice!

I tested it in a couple of games and it responds well, vibrations work well and it is comfortable due to its light weight.

If you in the market for a new gamepad or want a 360 controller for your PS3 this is the one you should go for. Price is around 35$ which is around what the rest of the market asks for their gamepads.

+ Nice looking
+ Light weight
+ Works great

D-pad feels a bit flimsy

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