Speedlink Xeox Pro Analog Gamepad

Slowly but surely console accessories and gamepads have started working on the normal PC. Because of this Speedlink has made a Xeox gamepad that works on both the Ps3 and on a PC. This is a clear step towards making it better for the consumer so they do not  have to buy seperate gamepads for all gaming consoles and computers. Today we are going to take a look at the Xeox Analog gamepad and see what type of performance we can expect from this unit.

About Speedlink:

Read more about Speedlink on their website, http://speedlink.com/?p=4&s=1


Wireless gamepad for the PS3® and PC
Robust 2.4GHz wireless technology for a range of up to 10m
Ergonomically and perfectly positioned left stick for professional analogue gaming
Digital D-pad, four triggers plus eight front buttons
Switchable rapid-fire function
Intensive vibration effects for a realistic gaming experience
Integrated 550mAh Li-polymer battery offers up to 10hrs of gaming (charging time approx. 2-3 hrs)
LED indicator ring
USB receiver – just Plug & Play
Rubberised coating for secure non-slip grip

The Product:

Steelseries Xeox Package Steelseries Xeox Accessories
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The Xeox comes packed in a nice little plastic cover that protects the unit well. Inside you will find a manual, USB cables, receiver and also the gamepad itself.

Speedlink are known for making inexpensive products, not necessarily “worse” just cheaper overall so this will be intresting to see if they have been able to keep the quality even though this conotroller only cost 35€.

Steelseries Xeox Receiver Steelseries Xeox Gamepad
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Looking at the receiver we see that it has a removable cap to protect the USB connector and it also has a little switch on the side which controls what type of setup you run it on.

The controller has a matte black color and looks excatly like a Xbox 360 controller, it  feels like it also when it comes to size and buttons but it weighs less than the average 360 controller.

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