Speedlink Medusa 5.1 ProGamer Headset


With todays demand on better sound Speedlink has developed a new pair of headset for the gamers out there. With this headset you get 5.1 surround sound, detachable mic, in-line remote control, and many other things so it really seems like this new headset should perform quite well. We will be trying out these in both normal daily use, gaming and with VOIP software.

About Speedlink:

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Features: The ultimate 5.1 sound | high-quality detachable microphone | collapsible, padded earpads | in-line remote control with amplifier | four jacks utilise the full power of your 5.1 audio card | USB plug for alternative power supply | power supply unit | chinch adapter | high-quality transport bag.

The product:

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The product comes packed in a nice box with a picture of the headset on it. On the back you can read some features about the headphones and also see some more pictures of the connectors, etc.

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Inside the box you find a big bag, and a small manual which contains instructions in several different languages. If you open it up everything is well packed in their own little compartment and the headphones are even packed in a plastic film. The inside of the bag is foam wrapped in cloth to make a good and nice protections from bumps during shipping.

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The headphones look very nice at a first look, they kind of remind me of Sennheiser headphones. You power the remote and headphones by connecting them to a USB port but if you don’t have one to open you can always plug in the 220V power adapter that is also included. You can find it in a small bag inside the bigger bag, confusing but true 🙂

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The cable between the headphones and the connectors is at least 2-3 meters so it will reach pretty much anywhere. From time to time it feels like the cable almost is in the way more than it comes to use, but as said I personally like a longer cable better to get more freedom.

There is a few cables for you to connect but they are all color coded and will most likely match with your soundcard. The connectors are gold coated for maximum connectivity. It’s time to take a closer look on how the headphones are built and how well they actually do work.

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