Speedlink Libera Bluetooth Keyboard


Speedlink Libera Bluetooth Keyboard
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There’s one small led in the upper right corner of the keyboard. It functions as a multipurpose led, it shows when the keyboard is in “ready to connect” -mode, but the leds main purpose is to show you the battery status. It starts to blink when the battery level is getting too low and they require changing.


Following system was used while testing the keyboard:

Lenovo Thinkpad T61
Core 2 Duo T7700
2x2GB DDR2 800MHz
120GB Verbatim SSD
Nvidia Quadro NVS 140M
Windows 7 Professional x64

We tested the keyboard in general everyday use as it would most likely be the situation where the keyboard like this would be in. Also, we tested how well it performed in media use when the range between the computer (bluetooth reciever) and the keyboard would be more than 3 metres.

Overall though the keyboard felt like a normal low profile keyboard. It is easy to type on and the buttons are not too firm nor too soft. In our test sessions we did not notice any dropouts in the connection and overall the keyboard worked flawlessly in normal desktop use. In media use the keyboard lost its connection when the bluetooth reciever was more than 4 metres away from the keyboard. It is something to keep in mind if you intend to use this keyboard in your HTPC. Also, the function buttons (F1-F12) are binded behind fn-button and they work as mediabuttons as per default. This confused me a bit and I would’ve hoped to bind them to work otherwise (to require pressing fn button in order to use the media buttons).

Speedlink Libera is one of those keyboard that you just like, it’s easy to type on and it feels very firm and solid. Admittedly there are some design issues with keyboard layout and how the function keys work, but overall Libera seems quite finished product. Priced around 30€ it provides great value for your money! It is one of the cheapest bluetooth keyboards I have encountered and functions just as you expect it to be. If you need a good, small, yet cheap bluetooth keyboard, please consider Speedlink Libera.

I have not found this keyboard on the market yet but im sure in the end places like Amazon and Newegg should have it.

+ Design
+ Price
+ Bluetooth

– Keyboard layout
– Function keys behind fn-button

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  1. I have a Speedlink keyboard, but forgot the Bluetooth pin no, would you please tell me, thanks

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