Sapphire X600 pro PCI-Express video card


Another PCI-express video card has arrived to our test bench. This is different from the others as its a ATI card. Sapphiretech were nice and sent us their latest X600 video card. We will compare it to the Nvidia PCI-E cards and see which one performs the best.

About Sapphire:

Ever since ATI announced it’s manufacturing & distribution relationships with ODMs and AiBs in June of 2001, SAPPHIRE has always been the key ATI Graphics Boards Supplier worldwide. SAPPHIRE designs, manufactures and distributes the most complete range of ATI video boards–from mainstream level Xpert98 to the state-of-the-art technology-enriched Radeon 9800Pro boards. SAPPHIRE refuses to compromise quality by cutting corners at the expense of its customers experience with their products. All ATI board designs undergo a stringent layout inspection by our staff of engineers to guarantee that they represent the usual high-quality image of ATI original boards. We also enjoy the resources of a highly creative technical department that layout complex designs to accommodate different market niches as they arise. SAPPHIRE ATI video boards have long been the reliable choice for a great number of OEMs and large System Integrators in Europe, North America, Asia and Latin America based largely on our ability to meet a fast paced technical markets advancements as well as our means to produce large quantities of product.


256MB or 128MB of high performance 128-bit DDR memory accelerates all of your 3D applications
Native x16 Lane PCI Express interface
Four pixel pipelines
2 programmable vertex shader pipelines
Double the bandwidth of AGP 8x Interface
Full Bandwidth in both upstream and downstream
Full Floating point shaders
Full support for DirectX� 9.0 and the latest OpenGL� functionality
SMARTSHADER� 2.0 technology allows for Microsoft� DirectX� 9.0 Shader support
SMOOTHVISION� 2.1 technology provides enhanced image quality by removing jagged edges and bringing out fine texture detail, without compromising performance
Unique VIDEOSHADER� engine enables seamless integration and use of pixel shaders to accelerate video processing and provide better-looking visuals
HYPER Z� III ensures optimized hardware performnace by discarding irrelevant data that is not visible to the end user, thus enabling new levels of rendered excitment!
VIVO : Video-In/Video-Out Optional on certain models

The product:

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I have a feeling that the product is ready but the box itself is not completely ready yet as we got a plain white box. Included with the card we have a VIVO cable, DVI adapter, and a cd with drivers for your video card.

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The card looks pretty much like the rest of the Sapphire cards with a fan as the main cooling device on the core and no heatsinks on the ram. The Sapphire cards we have tried before overclocks very well even without heatsinks on the memory; but will this do the same?

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A small sticker on the back tells us which card we have on our hands. The connectors on the back are the standard VGA output, DVI, and S-video outputs. Lets check out some benchmarks to see how this card performs.

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