Sapphire HD7770 Videocard


At stock this card runs at 1100 core and 1300MHz memory speed, we were able to boost it though a tad more so we reached 1180 on the core and 1380 on the memory.

The results are ok, I usually like to push out more out of the cards but this one locked up so I was not able to any higher speeds.



150$ is all that you pay for this card, it performs great and you can overclock it if needed.

For a lower mid range card this is a excellent choice for you, the fans are very efficient so it does not make much noise and you will save on your electricity bill since the card is a low power user.

I think I mentioned pretty much everything in the review already and we will award this with our “Bang for you buck” award since you get an awesome load of performance for a small amount of money.

Good price
+ Good performance
+ Displayport and HDMI
– None so far

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