Sapphire HD7770 Videocard

Dirt 2:

Dirt 2

Dirt 2 a well known racing game is used by a lot of tech sites for benchmarking and we are no different. We ran this benchmark at 1920*1080 resolution and Ultra settings.

We can see that both cards perform superb in this benchmark and once again the newer 7770 card is just about 1-2 FPS slower.

Power Usage:

Power Usage

We took these numbers with a watt meter that was plugged in to the computer, idling was done in windows and full load was while looping our benchmarks.

Want to save cash on electricity? 7770 is your choice as we can see on these numbers.


7770 Temperatures

Ambient temperature during our testing was 21 Celsius in the apartment, idle temperatures were taken while idling in windows and full load after looping a benchmark for a few times.

The 7770 is not a high end card as I mentioned earlier a couple of times therefore we don’t have to worry about higher temperatures as we can see. The 7770 also has a way quieter cooler/heatsink combo than the 6870 does. When I was looping our benchmarks I rarely paid attention to the noise, one thing that the I constantly do when using the 6870.

The Vapor-X technology sure does its job, the card is far more silent and also runs cool and quiet even under heavy load.

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