Sapphire HD7770 Videocard

3dmark Vantage:

3dmark Vantage

In Vantage on the other hand we got very similar CPU scores and also very close GPU scores.

Heaven Demo:

Heaven Demo

In the Heaven benchmark we can see that the 6870 is a tad ahead compared to the 7770. The 6870 a older high end card though cost a fortune a few years ago and the 7770 now cost about 150$ which is card most of us can afford at this point. We ran this test with the performance setting.

Crysis 2:

Crysis 2

For the Crysis 2 benchmark, we ran 1920*1080 resolution , 4X AA and Ultra settings. We can see that the difference between these cards is very small but the 6870 is faster. With some overclocking im sure the 7770 would beat the 6870.

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