Roccat Tyon gaming mouse



This is the coolest mouse I think I have ever seen! It took me awhile to get used to the buttons and the setup, but now that I have used it for awhile I love it.

It makes gaming way easier with all the buttons available for quick access, the easy shift function makes it possible to get tons of button  configurations. Just push the easy shift button down and the buttons have a differencet configuration and you can see that on the LED´s that also change color to make it even easier for you to know which configuration is being used even on the fly.

Now what about the X-celerator “button”, I have actually been using it as a scroll and it works great. It’s conveniently placed for you thumb and in war games I think it would be  be perfect to control vehicles for example.

The mouse is available in black and in a white/black combo. I have to say that the white one is a VERY nice looking mouse in the images I have seen, perhaps Roccat can hook me up with one? 🙂

Overall, a very nice mouse, Roccat has taken the mouse to a new level with the new buttons and features. The faults that I can see thus far is the price of 140$ and it also lacks weights. As far as I see it’s the ultimate mouse but it needs weights so you can make it your own.

+ Comfortable
+ Buttons
+ Sleeved cable
+ Lights
+ Very nice software

– No weights

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