Roccat Tyon gaming mouse


Tyon Software

Roccat makes amazing software that you can play around with, you have various tabs that allows you to work from polling rates to awards. They actually have created a award/archievment system depending on the amount of clicks you make with the mouse.

Overall, the tabs are quite straightforward and the first lets you play around with sensitivy and DPI for example.

Tyon Software 2

The second tab on the other hand focuses on the button bindings; here you can easily configure your mouse buttons to do various functions.

Tyon Software 3

In the third tab you can turn on sounds, change sensitivity, change polling rate, etc etc.

Tyon Software 4

The fourth tab is the color tab wher you can change the LED colors or even turn them ofF, as you can see on the image you can even set two different LED colors at the same time. If you like flashing or various flow effects they are also available.

The final two tabs are not as important, perhaps the last one  is something to look into once in awhile and see if there are any updates available.

The R.A.D tab is the archievement tab where you can see how many clicks you have done and a couple other things.

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