Roccat Ryos MK Mechanical Gaming Keyboard




You can pick up this keyboard for around 159$ so the price tag is fairly ok compared to the competitors. Overall, this is both a comfortable and good quality keyboard. Simply put, a VERY nice product! The keys are a bit stiff at first but after using it for a day or so they loosen up and it feels more comfortable.

The M keys don’t bother me like I thought they would, and the overall feel of the keyboard is that it responds quick to button pushes and sits stable on my desk.

The only flaw I can mention is perhaps the lack of sleeve on the cable, but that is up to the user I guess but personally I would like the sleeving.

All in all a very nice keyboard that without a doubt gets our recommendations!

+ Cherry mx switches
+ Good software
+ M keys if you like those

Cable not sleeved


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