Roccat Kone XTD Gaming mouse



I like this mouse! It feels perfect in the hand, and it is obvious to me that they have put a lot of effort and thought into  shaping it well for the hand. It also has more than enough buttons and with the “Easy-shift” feature you can have even “more” buttons.

As always their software and overall quality feeling is top notch, we tested the mouse with a Roccat mousepad and a Qpad mousepad and it worked great on both even though they were different material. Mouserate tester shows an average 990HZ which is pretty much what they advertise.

I got a very nice feel overall as I mentioned and I will for sure recommend this mouse even though I noticed it has one tiny flaw for me at least; you are not able to use it through a USB hub or USB ports in the front of the case.

+ Nice looking
+ A lot of buttons
+ Sleeved cable
+ Weights

Wont work with USB hub or front USB ports usually in the front of the case


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