Roccat Kone XTD Gaming mouse

Roccat Kone XTD Gaming mouse weights

Something that a real gaming mouse needs is weights, this mouse has four 5G weights so in total you can increase the weight with 20grams which for a gamer can make a huge difference for their gameplay.

It is easy to add and remove weights, you remove the cover on the bottom by twisting it the right way and just drop the weights you want down and close the cover again. This is a very nice feature that I would like to see on all gaming mice.

Roccat Kone XTD Gaming mouse LED's

The LED strips on each side of the mouse dim slowly down and change color automatically, this can of course be turned of in the Roccat Kone software that you can download from their website.


main control

Roccat has always put a lot of effort into their software and this is no different, you can play around with sensitivity and DPI settings in the first tab that is available to you when you boot up the software.

button assignment

The second tab allows you to change your button configuration and as we can see there is a lot of features to play around with.

advanced control

The third tab is the one with the most advanced settings, here you can really tweak your mouse to perform the way you want to.

color control

Want to change the color on the LED’s? That can be done in the fourth menu.



The R.A.D tab shows you mouseclicks and also archievments you can get when using the mouse, I did not bother including a image of the last and final tab since it only lets you update the mouse and shows some links to support questions.

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