Roccat Isku Keyboard

Roccat Isku Keyboard
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In the upper right corner of the keyboard there are the usual numlock, capslock and scroll lock keys. Nothing new in this section. Personally I don’t quite like the idea of using symbols indicating which button is pressed – but getting to know which light indicates which button isn’t that hard so unless you have an obsession towards “numlock, capslock and scroll lock texts” this is nothing you should worry about.

Roccat Isku Keyboard
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Roccat Isku is gamer oriented keyboard. You can save five different presets for macro keys and you can change the active preset from your keyboard. Macros for your macrokeys can be recorded using the rec button in the top section of the keyboard. Five hotkeypresets give you a total of up to 180 different macrokeys. This should be enough for even the highest end gamer. Pressing the rec button makes the keyboard make a noise (via your computers speakers) stating “recording macro” and after that you can record a macro of your liking and indicate a button for it.

Roccat Isku Keyboard
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Five macro keys are located in the left side of the keyboard right next to CTRL, Shift, and Caps lock keys. These buttons can be configured to do about anything you wish – whether it be open a program, press a series of keys or run a script;  it can all be done with these buttons. Also, most of the left part of the keyboard can be assigned as macro keys.

Roccat Isku Keyboard
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With the exception of media keys, every other key of the Roccat Isku has a blue light in it. There are five different settings for the brightness and in dark room bright lights can be quite annoying. Also, from certain view angle, even with the blue lights it is hard to see which key is which.


Following system was used during testing:

AMD Phenom II X4 975BE
2x4GB DDR3 Kingston Valueram 1333MHz
3x500GB Hitachi SATA2 HDD
Gigabyte Geforce 460GTX
Enermax EMG750AWT
NZXT Phantom 410
BenQ G2320HD Display

I’ve had a chance to test Roccat Isku keyboard for quite a while now. Making macros is easy and they really take the gaming to new level. I’m not a pro gamer myself, but I still find myself using the macros all the time – whether it be FPS, strategy, or MMORPG. Roccat Isku feels nice to type with. I personally prefer low profile keyboards over the standard ones. Roccat Isku goes somewhere in between – it’s not lowprofile but it doesn’t feel like a normal profile either. Roccat Isku feels good to type on. However, Isku feels nothing like a proper mechanic keyboard would and considering the over 100€ pricetag it is really something you should consider.


Roccat Isku can be concluded in one sentence – it is a beauty! It looks nice, has loads of features, and feels good to type on. Considering Isku isn’t a mechanical keyboard, the pricetag of 100€ might be a bit out of the limits for some customers. Don’t let the pricetag dissapoint you though – Isku is still a good keyboard. If you’re into macros and want a nice keyboard – consider Isku.

However, Isku isn’t a perfect keyboard. You lack the ability to remove palmrest, configuration program works only in Windows, and even with the blue lights on seeing the keys is a bit difficult in certain angles. In addition to these things all the mediakeys lack lights and in a dark room seeing which key is which is difficult.


+ Programmable macro keys
+ Layout

– No lights in media buttons

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