Roccat Hiro Gaming mousepad

Roccat Hiro Gaming mousepad bottom Roccat Hiro Gaming mousepad size
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The bottom is a rubber base which makes it pretty much impossible to move the mousepad around when gaming. You can actually take a hand and try to push the pad around but it will not move, that’s how reliable this rubber base is.

This mousepad has in my opinion the best possible size, it is optimal for gaming and normal daily usage. A lot of manufacturers release these huge mousepads that won’t fit on the table but this fits well and is more than enough.


This is an excellent mousepad, it works well with the  Steelseres Sensei Fnatic; this is a relief because I have had issues finding a good mousepad  lately.

It is easy to clean off when you get dirt on it and I especially like the rounded corners and edges, they are not sharp so it’s comfortable to move your wrist over the mousepad edges.

The Hiro is not free though, I found a price here in Sweden for about 60$ so I’m guessing it will cost around 40$ in the states when it’s available. This is way to spendy for a mousepad but as said this is a very nice mousepad with an excellent surface and rubber base.  I will for sure recommend the Hiro for its excellent features that makes this a killer gaming mousepad.


+ Comfortable surface
+ Easy to clean
+ Rubber bottom
+ Rounded corners


– None this far


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