ROCCAT™ Taito Kingsize – mTw Edition Mousepad

Testing and Concliusion

ROCCAT™ Taito Kingsize  – mTw Edition Mousepad ROCCAT™ Taito Kingsize  – mTw Edition Mousepad
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The top part of the pad is made out of a nano pattern that is non slip and virtually silent, this is the first thing that struck me. The pad is very silent even when gaming on it.

The bottom on the other hand is made out of a extreme grip material that prevents the mousepad from moving on the table.

ROCCAT™ Taito Kingsize  – mTw Edition Mousepad
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To show you how big this mousepad is I placed the Mionix Naos 3200 mouse on it and as you can see there is PLENTY of space for gaming.


As I said before this is a huge mousepad, I have not seen any flaws with it though except you need a big table to take advantage of the whole pad.

The top is awesome and it allows you to play on a very smooth and silent surface and the bottom extreme grip keeps the pad in place, it won’t move even if you use your hands to try to move it.

I can see why big clans want to use this for gaming, I have used it personally for gaming and for normal daily usage at work where I work with computers for 8 hours a day. I am more than satisfied with this mousepad and I can’t complain about anything really other than that

the edges can feel a bit sharp on your wrists. I am still waiting for a manufacturer that will make rounded sides all around a mousepad to prevent the rough edges. Overall though an awesome and superb pad that I will give my recommendations for!

+ Big
+ Silent
+ Excellent surface
+ Stays in place

– Edges are sharp

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