Razer Scarab Battlefield 3 Edition

Razer Scarab Battlefield 3 Edition Razer Scarab Battlefield 3 Edition
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Razer has worked with Dice on this mousepad to create a Battlefield 3 package. The bottom of the mousepad is made out of rubber which stabilizes the almost locks the pad down on the table. Even during FPS gaming or heavy mouse movements the pad wont budge on the table.

Razer Scarab Battlefield 3 Edition
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We placed a Logitech G700 mouse on the mousepad so you can see its actual size, the G700 is a decent sized mouse and we can see that there is plenty of space to move it around.


I have tested this mousepad for quite some time now and I feel very comfortable using it, I have always been a fan of Qpad mousepads and I remain one still. This is a excellent choice though as it has a hard cover so you can use it even on softer material like on a bed or couch. If you use it on a table you don’t have to worry about the mousepad now moving around due to its rubber base.

The mousepad has been tested with both a Logitech G700 and a Steelseries Xai gaming mouse and they all work excellent on this pad.


This is a very nice mousepad especially for the person that loves Battelfield 3. You can pick up a standard version of the Scarab also but if you like Bf3 this is the pad for you.

It’s a bit spendy though as you end up paying 39$ for it at for example Newegg. I have done my fair share of testing  with both wired and wireless mice and they all work very smooth with this pad. Overall I will for sure recommend it, the only downside is the high price.

+ Nice looking
+ Precise

– Price

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