Razer Blackwidow Ultimate mechanical keyboard



115$ is what you end up throwing out to get one of these keyboards, a tad higher perhaps than other mechanical keyboards.

The Blackwidow is a full size keyboard with excellent features as Macro keys, braided cable, LED keys, etc which turned out to be excellent in our testing.

We have been testing it for awhile now and the “clicky” sound drove my wife absolutely nuts so Cherry MX blue might not be the best choice if you want a silent mechanical keyboard, or have a sound sensitive partner!

It took me a while to learn to type on it since the macro keys are to the far left so I ended up pushing the caps and shift keys quite often instead of the intended letter.  However, it all turned out good after a few hour learning curve.

It feels comfortable to type on and in gaming it’s excellent, I really feel faster at macro and micro movements especially in Starcraft 2.

Overall a very nice keyboard, the only flaw that I found was that the braided cable it very stiff in the beginning so you have to bend and force it down for awhile. The price is also a bit to high for our taste but still a very nice mechanical keyboard that we will for sure recommend.

Nice looking
+ Comfortable keys
+ Lit up
+ Macro keys
+ Braided cable

Stiff cable
– Price


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