Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Gaming keyboard

Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Gaming keyboard
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As said this keyboard has macro buttons, and these can be setup in the third tab in the software.



I have used the keyboard for both gaming and normal daily usage and found the Cherry MX red switches to be quite comfortable to use. The keys don’t click as much as the blue and brown and the red really feels like they are meant for typing. I found a good guide that might help you decide which MX switch is for you, Overclock.net has a guide in their forum which goes through all of the colors quite extensively.

You can pick this keyboard up for around 139,99$ at Newegg and im sure Amazon, Zipzoomfly, etc, sell it also. The price is quite steep, I don’t think most users will be able to afford this keyboard, and for them to be able to do so they would have to drop the price 20-30$.

I had no issues with ghosting, I never expected it either since Razer usually delivers good high quality products.

If you want a good keyboard this is your choice, I am extremely satisfied with the results of our testing. Overall a very nice keyboard that will suit you well if you want to both game and use it for typing. Be prepared for the clicky sound though before buying it 🙂


Comfortable to type on
+ Macro buttons
+ Nice looking
+ Comfortable MX switches


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