Razer Blackwidow Ultimate gaming keyboard



The Blackwidow sells from 99$ and up, it’s priced this way according to the various features it has. If you want the “lightest” version you can get it for 99$ and the most expensive sells for 140$.

It is not a horrible price, most gaming keyboards sell for this price when you want mechanical cherry mx switches.

I like this keyboard a  lot, the major cons are the macro buttons, and it takes a bit of training to place your hands in the correct place since the macro buttons push the rest to the right so you align your hands wrong at first.

Cherry MX blue switches are awesome for gaming and for typing but it all comes down to if you can live with the noise since the blues are the loudest.

+ Cherry MX blue
+ Sleeved
+ Headphone, mic and USB port

Macro buttons
– Price


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