Raidmax RX-600AF PSU Review


Testing was performed looking at both the voltage regulation, as well as noise level.  As this is a budget PSU, we tested it under budget build consumption.

Utilizing our handy Thermaltake Dr. Power II, fully loaded we were able to see fluctuation of +/- 0.1 V, on both the 12V, and 5v rails; with a PG of 344.

On startup the 12v rail consistently jumped to 12.1, but never exceeded ATX tolerance.  Loading up the PSU with 2 SATA HDD’s, and one GTX280 GPU never moved power fluctuation beyond .1.

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I had actually heard some negative things online about this particular brand of PSU.  Reliability problems, quality problems, and connector problems.  I noted these were from 18+ months back.  This new series of PSU from Raidmax is a solid performer, and ran with rock solid reliability for me.  The PSU is quiet, and never exceeded 58 DB at 6″.  Extra points however, as it just looks cool.  You typically don’t see such a nice finish on a PSU in this price range.

The over-voltage protection, in addition to the standard switch was a nice stand-out in this price range as well.  I’ve seen this PSU going for under $40 online, and at that price it’s a solid bargain in the 600W space.

On the negative side of the house, I really just don’t care for non modular PSU’s anymore.  If anything, they should be more profitable for a PSU vendor to produce as you likely could easily sell more connectors.


+ Price

+ Paint Scheme

+ Quiet fan

+ Circuit breaker


– Should be modular, at least partial


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