Raidmax Blackstorm Case Review

Raidmax Blackstorm Case Review Raidmax Blackstorm Case Review
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The left side of the case a meshed side panel window for better ventilation with the option of putting a 120mm or 180mm fan. Opening up the case is made easy with the one-click side panel opener which is on both sides.

Interior of the case seems to be fairly well designed with the front fan and 3 of the internal hard drive bays located below the tool-less designed 5.25” bays. The click-lock tool-less design allows for easy installation. The tool-less designed bottom hard drive rack uses rails provided in the accessory box and is rotatable anticlockwise for installing HDD and other peripherals.

From top to bottom on the left side you can find the power supply mount, the rear 120 mm fan, and 7 expansion slots with mesh design. Unfortunately, the PCI-slot covers use traditional screws instead of thumbscrews.

Raidmax Blackstorm Case Review Raidmax Blackstorm Case Review
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Unfortunately there is no open area behind the motherboard tray so changing your CPU cooler will be a hassle. There also aren’t any cable management features implemented for routing and tucking away cables. Tucking away cables for maximizing airflow is a difficult process in the Blackstorm. The right side of the case also allows for installation an optional 80mm fan.


Following setup was built inside the case:

Intel DH55TC 1156 Motherboard
Intel i7 870 CPU
Corsair 750TX PSU
Kingston 96GB V+100 SSD

Building the system inside the Blackstorm is fairly simple but doing a good job with cable management is very difficult, especially with a non-modular PSU that is mounted at the top. The dual side panels did make mounting the motherboard a breeze however. Not all of the Blackstorm is a tool-less design so a screw driver will be need to screw your PCI expansion cards into place. Graphics cards up to about 11 inches can fit without moving any of the hard drive racks so the GTX 460 fit with no problem. The sound level was actually quite loud with the 180mm fan being the loudest. In my opinion, putting the 180mm fan as an exhaust on top of the case would have been a much better design.


At around a current $80 price tag, would I recommend the Raidmax Blackstorm compared to other cases in the same price range? Personally, I would not recommend it. Although it has a sleek exterior design and a few useful tool-less features, there are better cases on the market which are a better value for your money. Space inside is quite cramped, there is little room for upgrades, managing cables, air-flow, and cooling is a chore and a challenge, and the included manual is barebones.


+ Sleek exterior design
+ Easy Motherboard Installation


– Cramped Space
– Lack of Upgradeability
– No Cable Management Features
– Insufficient Cooling Design

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