QPAD 5K LE professional laser gaming mouse

QPAD 5K LE professional laser gaming mouse
With the launch of a new high-performance gaming mouse, world renowned eSports gear provider QPAD once again breaks new ground. The QPAD 5K LE laser gaming mouse offers unmatched speed, accuracy and control. An easy pick for a tough gaming crowd.
The heart of the QPAD 5K LE is a brand new next generation gaming-grade laser sensor from Avago – the A9800. This sensor offers previously unmatched accuracy and tracking abilities, with a minimum of ripple, that often plague other mice on high DPI-settings. The 9800 is capable of delivering a resolution ranging from 200 to a stunning 8200 CPI/DPI, with a sample rate of 12 000 fps. This has previously only been possible though firmware extrapolation, or lens magnification, with catastrophic results in terms of accuracy and precision. The QPAD 5K LE offers true 8200 CPI, and will deliver absolute performance and precision, every time, all the time!
The QPAD 5K LE is designed to fulfill the needs of gamers with the highest standards regarding both feel, precision and customization options.  Depending on the type of game you play, the features you seek from a gaming mouse will vary greatly. In MMO:s like World of Warcraft, the 5 programmable buttons will facilitate speed and ability to run different macros. Likewise, the ultra-high sensitivity, with spot-on precision, paired with a large monitor, will give you the edge in a fast paced Real Time Strategy Game such as Starcraft II.

While precision and accuracy are key features for all gamers, those playing First Person Shooters such as Battlefield 3, will also cherish the lightning fast response time (1ms) and adjustable polling rate (125-1000Hz) as well as the 30G acceleration rating of the QPAD 5K LE.  This mouse will comply to your every command, and deliver with previously unmatched precision.

The QPAD 5K LE also comes with pre-mounted Teflon Glidz for smooth and fast navigation. Although it does support easy plug and play-installation, the software included offers advanced features and functions, should you choose to install it. Last but not least, the mouse is a beautiful piece of gear, also when it comes to aesthetics.

Amongst professional gamers, QPAD is well known as a reliable provider of top-notch equipment and high precision gaming gear.  Still, there is no reason why casual gamers or enthusiasts should be content with using products less capable. When bullets fly, and the difference between victory and defeat is measured by millimeters and fractions of seconds, everything counts.  If you lose a game, it should not be because of sub-optimal equipment. The QPAD 5K LE delivers where it matters: in feel, precision and performance.

Key features of the 5K LE
● Avago 9800 next-generation gaming grade laser sensor with improved tracking abilities
● Resolution: 200-8200 true CPI – no software emulation!
● Acceleration Rating: 30G
● Max speed: 3,8 m/s (150 inches/second)
● Image processing: 10,8 MPS
● Adjustable polling rate: 125, 250, 500, 1000 Hz
● Buttons: 7 (5 programmable)
● 30 x 30 pixel sensor
● Sampling rate: 12 000 fps
● Response time: 1 ms
● On board memory (save your settings!)

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