Plextor CDRW SCSI 40*12*40

Closer look

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The familiar Plexwriter logo with the speeds that this cd writer should be able to perform. On each side of the player we find four holes so you can mount this drive in basically any case you want.

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On the top there is a sticker which has some general info and some instructions how to jumper the drive etc. On the back we got the standard power connector, scsi cable connector, jumper and audio cable connector.

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Well I had to get a SCSI card so I went down to the local computer store and bought me this Iwill card which sells for around 60$ here in Sweden.


AMD XP 2200@2500
Leadtek K7ncr18d
256 mb DDR crucial PC3200
20 gig Maxtor 7200 rpm
Visiontek Geforce 3 Ti200
Liteon CDRW 16*10*40
IWill 2930c SCSI card

We tested this drive with Nero Cd speed. We have test results from Reading a original cd, burned cd, rewritable cd and burning times so this will be really interesting. Burning times were taken while burning a Warcraft 3 cd from the harddrive which is 615mb big. Remember that the times that it takes to burn a cd differs from cd to cd and the size of the cd.

AverageStartEnd 25,95X17,77X32,69X

Here we have some specs on read speed of the Nero 5 cd that came with this cd burner. I have not compared this drive to anything since it’s not fair to compare a IDE drive against a SCSI. It’s not fair to the companies and not fair to you readers. This might be updated next time I review a SCSI CDRW.

AverageStartEnd 26,67X19,10X33,05X

Here we got a copy of the Nero 5 cd and as we can see the copy was read even faster than the original cd.

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