Patriot G2 DDR3-12800 2x2GB Kit

Prices of basic DDR3 memories have fallen down quickly in the past half-year. Nowdays you can get a 2x2GB 1333MHz dualchannel kit for less than 35€ from local store. Today we will take a look at Patriot G2 DDR3 1600MHz 2x2GB kit and see what extras you you can get out of it if you’re willing to spend couple more coins over the basic model. Let’s have a look!

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About Patriot Memory:

Check Patriot’s homepage at for more information about the company.


  • Extreme Performance PC3-12800 (1600MHz)
  • Enhanced Latency (9-9-9-24)
  • Voltage: 1.65V
  • XMP Ready
  • Equipped with an extruded aluminum shield to provide improved cooling
  • 100% Tested and Verified
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Tested on Intel® P67 platform

The Product:

Patriot G2 DDR3 2x2GB Patriot G2 DDR3 2x2GB
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Our sample unit came in blue & black colored retail packaged cardboard box. On the front side has basic information about the modules such as: “G2-series”, PC3-12800 / 1600MHz speed information, amount of memory (4GB 2x2GB) and information that the modules are designed for Intel 6 series platform. The backside has contact information for Patriot memory, along with a story about the G2-series, what it is and what’s so good about it. Patriot advertises G2-series memories being 100% hand tested and having limited lifetime warranty.

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Patriot G2 DDR3 2x2GB Patriot G2 DDR3 2x2GB
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Inside we find the modules packed in a plastic container. The modules have small heatspreaders to help with cooling the modules and even the heatbalance between the chips. Patriot G2-series is specced for 9-9-9-24 latencies at 1600MHz. This is a bit faster than the cheapest DDR3 modules available, but not as fast as the highend CL8 modules available from multiple manufacturers. You’ll see that the front side of the spreader has the G2-logo alongside with Patriot’s companylogo in it. The other side has a sticker with basic information such as; cache latencies, memory speed, and module size. There’s also an installation guide for installing the modules, something I’ve not seen in ages with memory modules.

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