Ozone Strike Pro Gaming Keyboard


Strike Pro software

You can dowload the latest software or “driver” as they call it from the Ozone website, this allows you to configure the keyboard.

Strike Pro software

You can for example set your macro keys to do something that you want them to do , like setup a function in a game.

You can setup the settings in profiles which makes it easier to change between games or when you work.

Strike Pro software

The software also allows you to play around with polling rates, light intensity and other features. You can also turn of the window key in the third tab.



This is a very cool keyboard and with a pricetag around the 150$ mark. I believe that it will compete well with most mechanical keyboards on the market.

Unfortunetly I got the US version otherwise I might actually have ended up using the keyboard myself 🙂

It is a very nice keyboard with cool features and a low pricetag, gaming and normal daily usage is no problem and I feel that quality wise Ozone have stepped up a notch from their first products. I can see them becoming a contender to the other gaming peripehral makers.

The keyboard performed well and felt good, I had no ghosting issues that I noticed and the buttons react quick and without any flaws. You can get it with various Cherry MX colors.

Overall, a cool keyboard with cutting edge features that a gamer will like for sure.

Nice looking
+ Feels good
+ Good quality
+ Pricetag
+ Optional rubber feet

None this far


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