Ozone Onda Pro Headset

Ozone Onda Pro Headset earcups

I have to admit this is one of the most comfortable headsets I have used in awhile, they are very lightweight which makes them perfect for longer gaming periods.

Ozone Onda Pro Headset Led´s

As I mentioned earlier each earcup has a red Ozone logo on them that lights up very nicely. The white have LED’s that light up in blue instead.

Ozone Onda Pro Headset Led´s

LED’s on the remote.


This is a very nice headset, the only thing I find that is lacking is a tad more bass. I have tested the headset during gaming sessions and also with various music genres and found out that the only thing they lack is the bass.

Sound is clear and there is a bass but it is a tad to low for my taste. They are SUPER comfortable though (with a risk of sounding like a teenager), they weigh barely anything and still I had a decent quality feeling when handling them.

The remote feels a bit flimsy and to much plastic has been used but that is a minor thing and something worth living with if you want some comfortable headphones. I have not found a official US price yet but in Europe you can pick them up for about 60$ which in my book is a fair price.

VERY comfortable
+ Lightweight
+ Available in white and black
+ Removable mic

Lack of bass


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