Ozone Onda Pro Headset

Time for another gaming headset review, we are today going to take a look at the Onda Pro from Ozone.

This headset is even used by Pro gamers so I expect quite a bit from them. They look comfortable since the earcups fully cover your ear… so let´s get on with the review.

About Ozone:

Find out more about Ozone, http://ozonegaming.com/about-us/


Speaker Spec: Impedance : 32
OhmSensitivity : 116+/-4DB
Max input: 100mWMax
input: 100mWMicrophone
Spec:Directivity :
OmniImpedance :2.2K
OhmSensitivity : -42 +/-3 dBPc and PS4 Compatible

The Product:

Ozone Onda Pro Headset box

Like most Ozone products they come in a red and black box with a huge picture of the product.

Ozone Onda Pro Headset

The headset is packed in this nice travel case that is suitable to use while traveling or to store the headset in.

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