Ozone Neon Precision Laser Mouse



The software is not the coolest or the fanciest that I have seen but it get’s get the job done.

You can play around with various settings, like DPI and button settings in the first menu tab.


The “advanced setting” menu lets you play around with polling rates and something called on to go speed. The settings can be saved into five profiles so you can change them on the fly to suit your specific needs.



The final tab  lets you play around with the buttons settings, here you can set what each button is supposed to do.



This is a cool little gaming mouse that responds quick to every move you make, it works both for gaming and for normal daily usage. It is a mouse for both left and right handed users and due to that it’s quite small so if you don’t like small mice this might not be something for you.

I could not find a price yet so it is fairly new on the market apparently. Overall a very nice small mouse that really doe’s not have any flaws that I noticed during our testing at least.

+ Nice looking
+ Comfortable
+ Sleeved cable

Quite small
– Availability







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  1. Smith Jones says

    Got one and it died after few months. No answer from Tesoro about warranty. Better to look something else…

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