NZXT Hue LED Controller

NZXT Hue LED Controller plugin NZXT Hue LED Controller inside
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To power the controller you need to plug a SATA power cable to the SATA connector. The LED strip on the other hand goes in the five pin conncetor that is half the size of the SATA connector.

NZXT Hue LED Controller side
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Installation is easy, just mount the controller like any 5,25 drive with the four screws that are included.

In action:


See our unpacking video on the Rbmods Youtube channel,


In the past I might not have recommended a product like this since it takes up a 5,25 slot, but since we use less of those slots these days most of us will be able to mount this in their case.

It is a very nice product no doubt about it! As you might have noticed in the review, you get a bunch of various colors and a long LED strip. The fan controller allows you to turn it off or dim the lights so the suit your needs.  You can pick this up at Newegg for 33$ so price is quite fair in my opinion.

Overall a very nice product that makes modding easy and adds your own touch to your case.

Very easy to use
+ Nice looking
+ Easy to install

LED controller design

– Design of the controller

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