NZXT Hale82 750W Powersupply


Same thing goes for the 5V tests, we had a on averge 5,1V rail that maxed at 5,2V which is within the specified limits.


The 12V rail is always the most intresting as it usually fluxuates a bit more than the others. Our rail had a average voltage of 12,1V and maxed at 12,15V.

Overall the rails were quite stable as we kept measuring them both with the software included in OCCT and our multimeter that records rail voltages every five seconds.



This unit can be picked up from Newegg for around 120$ and probably for the same price from places like Amazon, Tigerdirect etc.

I can’t really say that I found any faults with the unit, performance was excellent with stable rails and close to silent fan. The modular feature allows you to keep the case cleaner and have better airflow, and since they are black you can easily hide the cables behind the motherboard tray. Overall a superb product from NZXT once again!

Almost silent
+ Flat modular cables
+ Modular
+ Stable performance

– None so far

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