NZXT H630 Gaming Case

NZXT H630 Gaming Case inside

Now the inside is where all the fun stuff really is; there is loads and I mean LOADS of cable managment features, HDD racks etc etc. This case really looks interesting since it both looks clean on the outside and you should be able to clean up the cables and get good airflow in the case.

NZXT H630 Gaming Case cable managment

We can also see that this case accomodates most form factor motherboards.

NZXT H630 Gaming Case HDD rack

No tools are needed to mount neither HDD’s or 5.25 drives. Mounting is very easy since you basically just clip on the HDD mounting clips and the 5.25 drives slide into their slot where you lock them down.

NZXT H630 Gaming Case HDD rack

As I briefly mentioned earlier no tools are needed to mount drives in this case, everything is mounted with clips and thumb screws to make it easier to install parts. They have installed a huge fan in the front which takes in some fresh air into the case and still is fairly quiet.

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