NZXT H630 Gaming Case

NZXT H630 Gaming Case front

Since people don’t have that many 5.25 devices these days they only have two slots which should suffice for your dvd burner or Bluray for example.

NZXT H630 Gaming Case usb ports

They have placed sound, and USB ports on the side of the case in case you like to use the front ports, remember that you need connectors on the motherboard to run these ports.

NZXT H630 Gaming Case back

You mount the powersupply on the bottom of the case, there is also a bunch of choices when it comes to fan size since they have made it so you can mount pretty much any fan size in the back. This is a good economical feature because it means you don’t have to buy a fan to fit the case.

NZXT H630 Gaming Case sound dampening

The sides on the other hand are equipped with some type of sound dampening foam to make it as silent as possible.

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