NZXT Fan Roundup

Installation/Hardware overview:

Standard sized case fans tend to install fairly easily.  The fans all included the necessary hardware mounting screws, as well as a fan to Molex adapter for those not utilizing fan controllers, or dedicated fan power connection.  The fit, and finish the of the fans was excellent, and they left plenty of length in the cable to allow for cable routing.  One very nice touch was the addition of braiding surrounding the power connection cable.  This conveniently matches most enthusiast gaming PSU’s these days.







The 120MM enthusiast fan also included a handy 3 speed fan controller, should you so choose to utilize it.  I tested it at the highest output, as for me it would be used as part of a fan controller system or on-board solution.


I tested each fan with a prosumer grade SPL meter, and I tested them within 3 inches of the actual fan blades.  I recognize that this was likely too close to measure the actual sound per an actual use environment, but unfortunately the area in which I was working was difficult to get the background noise under 30DB.






When I placed the SPL meter at 12″ or greater distance, the fans were undetectable over the ambient noise of my quite, quiet lab.  I confirmed by ear, that the noise of even the noisiest of the units (37 DB) was largely imperceptible at greater than 12″.  The units all performed flawlessly and seemed well balanced on their bearings.  As an added perk, the LED fan’s do put out a very cool hue in the dark.








While we did not have the environment to adequately test the true noise output of these devices, they are in fact extremely powerful, and extremely quiet.  The sound they put out is imperceptible, whether your PC is on your floor next to your feet; or on your desk next to your head.  The output of the fans in terms of airflow proved as difficult, but when compared next to the existing  fans on our test rig (that perform quite nicely today), there was noticeably improved airflow, and human audible reduction in noise.  None of the products suffered from any imbalance or vibration issues.

Ultimately, you have plenty of choices in air cooling these days.  If you are going with an NZXT case, these style matching pieces compliment your selection perfectly.  And if you are not, you are definitely getting superb quality, and aesthetics.  It’s a well built, well warranted, and low cost upgrade, that completes any gamer rig quite nicely.  The color selection yields unlimited potential for creativity, and the no-frills storm trooper look is always a classic in any office or game room.  Overall – Highly Recommended


  • Low price
  • Extreme Warranty
  • Great build quality, bearings, and finish


  • None

If you are doing a new build, you owe it to yourself to plunk down 10-40$ for top quality, rock solid fans.



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