NZXT Cryo X60 Laptop Cooler

NZXT Cryo X60 Laptop Cooler stand

This unit also comes equipped with elevating feet so you can raise the stand just like a normal keyboard to make it more comfortable or suit your needs.

NZXT Cryo X60 Laptop Cooler fans

Dual 120 mm fans can sure move some air especially when you crank up the RPM on the fan controller. These fans can be loud if you want to move a lot of air, but fairly silent if you have it on the lowest RPM.



I think I mentioned pretty much everything there is to mention about this unit, the cooler performs good and it can be loud depending on what level you set the fans on.

The benefit this has is that it has a USB hub so it’s easier for you to run several devices with the help of the laptop cooler. Around 60$ is what you end up paying for the unit if you can’t find it cheaper on a deal page.

I think it’s a tad spendy to be honest, yes it has some features but nothing you can’t live without. Other laptop coolers can move the same amount of air but you pay a bit less for them.

Overall a very nice laptop cooler which you should get if you have the money for it, otherwise get something cheaper; for example NZXT moves similar amounts of air they just don’t have the USB hub.

+ Fan controller
+ Dual fans
+ Feet
+ USB hub

– Fan is loud at higher speeds

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