NZXT Avatar S Gaming Mouse

When it comes to mice there are several big brands on the market and they all have several models, which should you buy?

That is a question that only you can answer… but we can help you, guide you, and say what we think. Today we are taking a look at a gaming mouse from NZXT named Avatar S. How well does it perform vs other mice on the market?

About NZXT:

Read more about NZXT on their website,

Max Speed 30 Inches/Second
Max Acceleration 20g
Resolution 400-1600 DPI
Buttons 5 Buttons
Onboard Memory 16Kb

Precision and Flexibility: 1600 DPI laser sensor with 1600/800/400 DPI settings out of the box
• Tracking speed of 30 inches per second and acceleration up to 20G
• Hardware DPI switch allows for driver-less DPI switch while in game without the hassle of drivers
• 16Kb Onboard Memory stores 1 profile of macros, dpi settings, and LED settings for gaming on-the-go
• Narrow and medium size ideal for users that prefer a thinner and lower profile form
• Ambidextrous design ideal for both left and right handed users
• LED on/off settings
• Teflon feet for effortless gliding on any surface
• 5 Key programmable mouse
• Immense customizability: Ability to modify default DPI settings individually, setup in-game macros, media keys, and X-Y sensitivity options
• Polling rate of 1000Hz

The Product:

NZXT Avatar S Gaming Mouse NZXT Avatar S Gaming Mouse
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This got to be the smallest box ever for a mouse, at least that I have reviewed. Personally I like it, less plastic garbage and easier to unpack!

The front shows the mouse and the back has the specifications printed on it if you like to read that kind of information.

NZXT Avatar S Gaming Mouse NZXT Avatar S Gaming Mouse
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The USB cable is not sleeved on this mouse like most mice on the market are today and this has its pros and cons. When it comes to a sleeved cable it it protected vs various problems like you running over the cable with your chair, cats biting on the cable, etc…  A non-sleeved cable is more movable and it’s easier to game with.

This means I won’t say it’s a pro or a con with a non-sleeved cable so I will leave it for you to figure out. Both the right and left side of the mouse have buttons to for extra functions that you can program in the software.

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  1. I have the Ttesports Challenger Ultimate Keyboard  & Ttesports BLACK GAMING Mouse.

    They Both are the BEST Keyboard and Mouse I have ever Play with !!!

    I Have Owned MS, Razor, Logitech and Many others and PLEASE believe me these Gaming TOOLS are the BEST and a SUPER DEAL !!! 

  2. Boa tarde, como posso jogar GTA IV com este comando?

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