NU DDW-163 Dual layer DVD burner


Burned DVD read speed:

A little faster speeds in the burned dvd copy but nothing really to mention.

Burned DVDRW read speed:

You probably won’t be using RW dvds that much to I thought I should show this also to prove that this new drive is faster at that to.

Burning times:

DDW-082 burned a copy of Starward Phantom Menace on DVD in ~7 minutes and it had a 8X burn speed. This new dvd burner has a 16X burn speed and we were able to make a copy in ~4 minutes so we have some improvement here. Remember that you need to get fast media that can handle the faster burn speeds also to be able to burn at 16X.


Well this is a improvement from the older brothers but some read speeds were slower than the DDW-082. This might be fixed in future firmwares which NU is very good at posting at their website. This is a very quiet and stable drive though we had no problems making our copies on it and using them. What I miss though is a dual layer DVD which was not included. I was not able to find one anywhere around here at the moment. I could have bought 10 packs for 100$ but as you see the media is still expensive so this will be the burner of the future. Overall we give this 4 out of 5 and our recommendations for a good and stable dvd burner that is also very fast and quiet.


+ Fast
+ Stable
+ Quiet slead
+ Dual layer
+ Well packed


– Needs improved read speeds (firmware upgradable?)
– No empty dual layer dvd included
– No empty dvd included

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