Nexus NX-5000 PSU

Final testing and Conclusion

5V Rail:

We had a stable 5V rail all through the testing, it went up with 0.01V at full load though.

12V Rail:

The 12V rail had some flickering between 12.29 and 12.30V  under load. This is all within the specifications though.

Watt usage:

After running this unit for a few hours we took some results, at idle it manages to pull 114W while at full it ran at 144W with a max usage of 343Watts. Pretty decent numbers compared to other units we have reviewed.


This unit is very silent, it competes with the Enermax cpu that we reviewed earlier in noise and also in stability and rail stability. The unit is well packed and I feel that Nexus have managed to make another product that well meets the demands I require from Nexus products.

The biggest con so far is the availability, I have not been able to find this specific cpu in Sweden yet although I managed to find an older version. Overall I am very happy with the unit and will give it our recommendations for a silent psu that still performs extremely well.

+ Silent
+ Good performance
+ Well packed
+ Sleeved


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