Nexus Clodius Case

Introduction and first toughts

When it comes to silent computing, Nexus is one of the brands that easily comes in mind. Nexus is a maker of wide range of computer products. However, they have got great publicity with their silent products. This time we will have a look at their Clodius case, which is their newest invention of silent computing.

About Nexustek:
Nexus Technology BV was established in 2000 by a group of experts on heat conductivity and noise reduction in the computer industry. The founders have build up an in depth knowledge and experience on heat conductivity issues and therman characteristics by working closely with many of the larger pc manufacturers for several years.
The idea to have a full line of high quality computer components to improve the working environment by reducing noice levels brought the founders together. Continuously developing products to reduce noice levels and consequentially improve heat conductivity and airflow.
Model number: Clodius
Motherboard size: ATX/M-ATX
PSU: Not supplied
Case Fans: 2x120mm | 1000~1700rpm
Fan mounts: Ultra-soft silicone fan mounts
Fan controller: Dial with led in fron connects 2 fans
Front ports: 2xUSB2.0, MIC and Audio
5.25” bay: 4x front accessible (2x with DVD door)
3.5” bay: 1x front accessible
HDD bays: 7 HDD bays
Thumb screws: 12 pieces supplied
Case dimensions: 41.9 x 12 x 49.5 (L x W x D) (in cm)
Case weight: 6.2Kg
The Product:
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Nexus Clodius case has matte black exterior. Both sides of the case are easy to remove, connected only with two thumb screws each. There is one large mesh panel on the top of the case, and two in the both sides of the case. There are is also a mesh panel in the bottom of the case, but I’ll get to that later on.
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On the front side of the case you can notice the combined power button with fan controller. When you turn the button in clockwise direction, fans get more voltage in order to run on higher rpm. When you turn it counterclockwise, the result is opposite. Frontal connectors are found behind a small door in the middle of the front of the case. There is nothing suprising there, MIC and Headphone jac with couple of USB ports. There is also space for floppy-disk drive bezel behind the door.
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Upper side of the front is filled with four 5.25” bays. Two of them have integrated DVD-doors in order to make the case more esthetical. However, at least with this unit we have, the doors were a bit stiff with some of the DVD-drives we tested in it. Some of drives worked just fine, and some of them needed a bit help. This is something you definitely need to know when you buy this case. Maybe some modding with the doors could solve the problem.

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