Mushkin Redline Xp2-8000 2x1GB memory kit



Intel P4 2,8 Ghz
Gigabyte 915P Duo Pro
Mushkin Redline XP2-8000
Palit X300
Zalman 500W PSU
Maxtor 80GB IDE HDD

Software used for this test was Pcmark2005, Sisoft Sandra 2006, Everest Home Edition and SuperPi. We decided to run with our 2.8 Ghz CPU due to its ability to overclock to see how this ram can perform. Overclocking testing was also done on a 3.8Ghz processor.

Everest Home Edition:

Everest displays read, write and delay results in a very simple way. We can see here that we have some mixed results but in overall the Mushkin ram is a bit faster than the others.

I don’t think that Pcmark needs any type of introduction, this is one of Futuremarks very popular benchmark programs that display several different results, but we have ran only the memory benchmark as that is the only one that counts in this review. I am still shocked that the older Mushkin performs so well, it’s getting more interesting to see how well this ram overclocks, with a 1000mhz frequenzy there should be room for overclocking.


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