Mushkin PC3-12800 6GB Kit


Mushkin sent us a sample of their new DDR3 memory kit. We got a sample of their Tri channel kit with 3x2GB Ram kits at 12800 speed and 7-9-7-24 timings. What can we do with this kit and our Core i7 920 Cpu? Lets have a closer look.

About Mushkin:

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Type: DDR3
Voltage: 1.65V
Speed Spec: PC3-12800
Frequency: 1600
Kit Type: Triple Kit
Module Size: 2GB
tCL: 7
tRCD: 9
tRP: 7
tRAS: 24
Cooling Technology
Heatsink: Frostbyte

The Product:

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The ram comes packed in a nice aluminum storage box where each stick is seperately packed and well padded to prevent any damage during storage or shipping.

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Each ram stick is equipped with a “Frostbyte” heatsink that is a somewhat new heatsink on the Mushkin ram and it is supposed to be more efficient than the old designs they have used.

Each stick is also equpped with a sticker that has info about the ram stick and also an article number which comes in handy if there are issues with the ram so you can easily tell Mushkin which sticks you have. On the right side of the stick Mushkin has put their logo that matches very well with the heatsink colors.

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