Mushkin 1Gb PC3200 LII V2 dual memory


Today we will look at some memory again. We got in touch with Mushkin and they sent us a really nice 1gb dual memory kit for testing. We will see how it performs vs a 1gb kit from Corsair, and also check out some overclocking, and see what this goes for. If you’re in the market for memory stay tuned on this page.

About Mushkin

Mushkin–Trust, Service, Support. Welcome to our excellent prices, Lifetime Warranty on memory products, and our smart sales staff. Be our customer for life. Please browse through our pages and email or call if you have any questions.


2-2-2 @ 400MHz
Dual Bank
64Mx64 Module
32Mx8 chip density
Jet Black 6-Layer PCB
Gold Contacts
2.5V – 2.8V
Heatspreader colors vary

The product:

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The way this product was packed was pretty cool, as you can see on the left picture. In the box we found this blow up bag that had the memory well packed in the middle. This is a first for me at least but it’s a very safe way of shipping the sticks of memory. Two sticks of ram which holds 512 mb each this will be nice to test 🙂

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The memory is equipped with heatsinks to take out the heat from the module itself and move it out in the air. On the memory you can see a small sticker that tells you what kind of ram it is.

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We can see on this picture that the heatsinks leave some space on top so the heat can dissapear somewhere as we know heat always goes up in a room.

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