MSI Z77 Mpower Motherboard review

Aida64 Extreme:

In Ai da we can see that the Mpower is faster than the cheaper board but my question remains, is it really worth the 1% speedboost?


With a single multiplier chage and a few steps on the Vcore we were finally able to reach 4800MHz on air. This is a few hundred MHz higher than with teh Z77A-G41.

I think this board can definitely pass the magic mark of 5GHz with some better cooling and better overclockers than me.



So yeah, I kind of have mixed feeling about this board, it performs better than its competitor but it cost at least 100$ more than the cheaper Z77A-G41.

So if you want the best of the best go for the Mpower but if you want a good board with stable performance the G41 might be something to look into.

This board is excellent though with all its features and functions, I was even able to push the CPU a bit further with this than its competitor which is always nice.

Got a few extra bucks then choose this board for sure;  it’s a stable investement and you get all kinds of cool features the techie can not be without 🙂

+ All necessary features
+ Wifi
+ Overclocking


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