MSI Geforce GTX 670 Power Edition


At stock this cards graphics clock is at 705MHz and the memory runs at 3004MHz.

We were able to get the following speeds with the Nvidia overclocking software, 756MHz core, 3367MHz memory and 1512MHz on the processor clock. Very nice results overall from this card.



Got 400$ to spare? Then go ahead and get this card, you get awesome performance bundled with a fairly quiet cooler when purchasing it.

I don’t really have anything to complain about more than the price and perphaps that it’s a power hog. Cooling is excellent on this product and I noticed that they have really put some effort into creating a cooler that will be able to keep the card cool while performing at extreme speeds.

Well I think I have said pretty much everything that there is to say about this card, excellent performance bundled with a nice cooler.

+ Displayport, HDMI
+ Fairly quiet

– Price
– Power usage

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