Mobile Gaming Now and Then

Mobile Gaming is a phenomenon that has become a very big part of peoples every day lives. Now days people play games on their phones almost everywhere.
The reason that mobile games are so profitable now is that many gaming operators create games with micro payments.
Often this is referred to as free to play – pay to win.
Some games share all their content for free, but they drive their revenue through ads.
Some types of gaming like online casinos use their mobile product in it self to drive revenue through player losses.
So, what is the major changes that have happened in the last decade with mobile games? This is what this article will be about, and we will begin about looking at how it all got started.

How mobile games came to market

The first few mobiles gaming consoles to come around was the Nintendo Gameboy.
This device was dedicated to pure gaming. Something that we today see as a very outdated form of device to play games.
It was also sure that these types of consoles were to be out dated by cellphones.
The first mobile phones to support games featured games like “Snake” and so on and were very important in terms of market analysis since developers could see how captivated people got from even poor games.

Online casinos claiming market share

As the time went by portable consoles like the Playstation Vita also came around but also were never ment to last.
In the end of the 21st century the smartphones came around and this brought the attention to one of the most popular ways to play games on mobile now.
Online casinos with their sounds and light patterns started captivating more people and is today one of the most common ways to play online with.
Zamsino UK is a website that is used by UK players to claim bonuses and Kiwislots is another one for the New Zealand market.
These are examples of websites that recommend new casinos online which has also become a big industry.

The best mobile gaming systems today

Today cellphones is the absolute most common gaming system and this is no surprise to anyone.
But it’s still not the best one as there still is a few gaming developers that create consoles for mobile gaming in general.
Often this is used as a sort of split screen technology that lets you get a mobile experience from the performance of a gaming console like Xbox or Playstation.
All this and more can also be found in this TomsGuide article.

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