Mionix Ensis 320 Luna Mousepad

Mionix Ensis 320 Luna Mousepad bottom

The whole bottom of the mosuepad is equipped with rubber to keep it in place during gaming sessions. This works very well and it feels like you can trust the mousepad to do its job.

Mionix Ensis 320 Luna Mousepad size

Here we have a large Logitech mouse to show you the size of the mousepad, it is similar to most mousepads on the market when it comes to size.


I have been testing this mousepad for a few days now and I feel very comfortable with it. I have to admit though at first it felt strange, the surface is a bit different than I’m used to. Its difficult to explain it but you too will notice when you feel it 🙂 Overall though a very nice mousepad that seems to sell for around 35$ so the price is not bad either. I have tested it with one Steelseries mouse and one Roccat mouse and had no issues thus far at all.

I like plastic myself, but Mionix really have created a surface that feels similar to plastic but is way easier to clean and maintain and on top of that it really looks awesome.

Good sensitivity
+ Sticks on the table
+ Size
+ Cool looking

None this far


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  1. Do you think this support could be stable with 2 screens like Asus ve278q ?

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