Luxa2 Ph3 iPhone cover

As more and more people get iPhones more and more covers and accessories pop up on the market. Luxa2 a sister company to Thermaltake are known for their more exclusive products and today we are taking a look at their shot of a iPhone cover.

We are going to compare it vs some name brand covers and and generic ones.

About Luxa2:

Read more about the company at their website,

Product Name     PH3P/N     LHA0014   BlackLHA0014-A   RedLHA0014-B   White Dimension:             Height:     115 mm (4.52 inches)Width:     63 mm (2.48 inches)Depth:     12 mm (0.47 inches)Weight     26 g / 0.06 lbsMaterial     Leather Paint (Black & White), Electroplating (Pink)
The Product:

Luxa2 Ph3 iPhone cover Luxa2 Ph3 iPhone cover
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The issue with a lot of covers is that they are bad quality and end up breaking within a few months or not protecting your phone like they should. I have reviewed Luxa2 products in the past and they have all been high quality, so im curious to see what they have been able to do with this cover.

It comes packed in this see through plastic cover just like the other iPhone and iPad products Luxa2 has to offer.

Luxa2 Ph3 iPhone cover Luxa2 Ph3 iPhone cover
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At a first note this cover is a bit harder material than most of the covers I have played around with earlier. The back of the cover is equipped with a metallic clip that works as a stand for the iPhone and it also make the cover look a bit more exclusive.

Installation is pretty straight forward, put in the iPhone on one side first and then push in the opposite side.

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