Logitech G110 Gaming Keyboard

Software and Conclusion


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When you first open the software, you’re introduced to a nifty little flash tutorial that show you how to program buttons and use the special keys. Neat! Once you’ve finished the tutorial, you’ll meet the key profiler, which lets you program keys from your desktop and switch between profiles.

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Under the edit menu, you’ll find the macro manager which lets you record macros and assign them to special keys. There is even a script coding window, which lets you manually punch in scripts to be used in-game.


The Logitech G110 is a solid, well-rounded gaming keyboard with a useful set of buttons and comprehensive software. The programmable buttons work great in game, but can also increase office productivity. The wrist-rest is a great way to avoid carpal tunnel, and the keyboard offers enough functionality to adequately manage media players.


+Good tactile response
+Macro buttons
+Media functionality
+Comprehensive software


-May take a little adjusting, as with any new keyboard

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